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Our Girls

Champion Valkea Aurora's Blue Angel
Azzedine Sundance Kid & Shamanta Princesz Aurora
Born: 14th March 2008
Angel New
Angel is is a lovely blue mitted. She is extremely sweet natured and is a nice sized girl.
She has the most stunning blue eyes, Angel has Champion status which we are very proud of!
She was an amazing mommy, but has now been spayed and is now enjoying a relaxing 
retirement alongside her brother Boris.
Valkea Kiss of Dawn
Valleycats Talisman & Shamanta Princesz Aurora 
Born: 16th May 2009
  Ruby 2012
'Ruby' is a Seal mitted girl, and looks exactly like a clone of her dad Frank!
She adores being brushed, and has settled in so well with the other cats.
As Ru has gotten older she appreciates the luxury of a lie-in and you will very
often find her still in bed long after everyone else is up! Ruby has now retired
but we have kept some of her daughters as she gave us such wonderful kittens!
Meadow and Arya are all beautiful young ladies and we hope to have kittens from them in the future.

Valkea Lyra Belaqua
Valleycats Talisman & Shamanta Seal Of Approval
Born: 24th June 2008
  Lyra 2012  Frog 2011   Frogoct12
Lyra has never been a breeding cat, but is a much loved pet. She loves to sunbathe and is happy
to pose for a photograph! She is a stunning little lady - and she knows it! Lyra lives with Gerard,
Jack, Ruby, Meadow and Arya at Emma's house (yes, we made her move out when she got
married-and she took her cats!) where they are much pampered but gently terrorised
by her six year old daughter!
Valkea Anastasia
Valleycats Talisman & Champion Valkea Aurora's Blue Angel 
Born: 17th September 2009
 Anna new
Anna is one of Angel's kittens, we just couldn't bear to part with all of them as
they were all so stunning! She is a retired breeding girl, after having several lovely
litters. She is always keen to help with whatever you are doing (whether you want
her to or not!) Anna is a very flirty character and is always up for a snuggle, which
is hard to resist with that beautiful face!
She has now become Gabriels housemate, and they live together very happily in
his chalet, with Bob as their neighbour!
Ladydoll Safirii
IC Elvis Blue Kiwi's Eulalie, CZ (imp) & Ladydoll Emmanuela 
Born: 18th July 2013
Safirii is one of our breeding girls. She is a little cutie with the most gorgeous profile!
A lovely blue Bi-Colour, full of personality, Safirii is very much part of the family.
She has given us some lovely litters, all with her comedic personality - Saffi is our watchman
and tells us when the postman or a delivery man arrives by growling, this started after an
incident when mail came through the door and firghtened her kittens!
(she hasn't forgiven him!) 
Valkea Ruura
Valkea Archangel Gabriel & Valkea Kiss of Dawn 
Born: 10th March 2014
RuRu as a baby
'mommy can I come up? - ta da!'
'RuRu' is another of our younger girls and is a much adored fixture in the Valkea Household.
As a baby she loved to sit on my shoulder, however, now she is much too heavy!
Safirii and Ruru have 'lap wars' and will push each other off to get the best spot on my lap!
Valkea Kallis
Valkea Beaujolais Nouveou and Ladydoll Safirii
Born: 7th August 2015
Kalli is the daughter of Saffi and is a very affectionate lady, she loves to be around people and
is never happy if you go into a room and close the door leaving her outside! Kalli has a gentle
temperament and is never not in the mood for a cuddle! Kalli is an amazing mom and has
beautiful kittens.
Champion Valkea Meadow Rain
Valkea Archangel Gabriel & Valkea Kiss of Dawn 
Born: 28th April 2015
Meadow1  Meadow1  Meadow 2
Meadow is the one of the newest additions to Emma's household and is a real spoilt baby! 
She has the loudest purr out of all the Valkea cats, as well as having the whitest coat and
pinkest nose! Meadow entered three shows in 2016 and got her Championship status straight
off, winning all three! We are extremely proud of her and cannot wait to see how she does in her
next shows in 2018.
Valkea Arya LadyofWinterfell
Valkea Archangel Gabriel and Valkea Kiss of Dawn
Born: 3rd May 2016
 Arya 1  Arya2  Arya and Lara
Arya is the youngest of the Valkea Clan and is sill very much the baby of the household. 
She loves to watch the TV (especially wildlife documentaries) and will occupy a box of any
size if one is left empty for a split second!
She looks alot like her mom Ruby and has inherited her laid back attitude, so we hope she
will go on to have gorgeous kittens when she's old enough. She is Lara's partner in crime
and she is the only person in the house she will cuddle up with!