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Our Boys

Stud Boys

Valkea Archangel Gabriel
Valkea Auroras Blue Angel and Catricat Blue Diablo
Born: 24th May 2010
(Closed Stud)


Gabriel is one of our handsome stud boys, he is from fantastic old lines. He has an amazing coat and an adorable nose blaze.He has grown into a big man and produces wonderful kittens, although he is still just a big cuddle baby at heart!


Filensio Beaujolais Nouveau
Dreamcats Valentino & Advillo Minxie
Born: 30th June 2010
(Invitation Stud)
Beau or 'Bobs' as he is affectionately known is a delightful little man with such a need for a cuddle that he snuggles in as close as he can get to you. He has stunning blue eyes and has sired some gorgeous kittens. He lives in one of our stud chalets with Gabriel and Anna to chat to next door!

Neutered Boys
Premier Valkea Aurora Borealis 
Azzedine Sundance Kid  & Shamanta Princesz Aurora
Born: 14th March 2008
(Pet Neuter)
'Boris' is our spoilt baby! He has grown into a beautiful big boy and has the most endearing personality. He is the one that everyone wants to take home with them! You will usually find him waving his paws at you for attention! Very cute! He is usually found snuggled up with RuRu on the landing.
Boris  Boris in bed  boriswashyface
Images: 1) Boris looking beautiful - 2) enoying his new bed! - 3) Mid 'washy face'!
Valkea Black Parade
Dreamcats Valentino & Shamanta Lumi Kello
Born: 20th June 2007
(Pet Neuter)
Gerard was the first Valkea Ragdoll kitten to have been born and has grown into a real beauty. He has a gentle personality but is the boss of the household! (Discounting Emma's daughter!) Lyra is his closest companion - they are just like an old married couple, she has even been known to rest her head on his shoulder when they are lying next to one another! Gerard always tries to look the 'cool cat' but he is becoming more cuddly as he gets older and will now come looking for attention. He has now learnt that 'cute means prizes' and will sit up on his back legs for treats!
Gee New   geeoct12  Gee2017

Valkea Jack Sparrow
Catricat Blue Diablo & Shamanta Seal of Approval
Born: 30th June 2010
(Pet Neuter)
Jack is our 'choccy puss', we feel very lucky to have him with us as when he was very young he just didn't seem to grow, he didn't like solid food and was so fragile we nicknamed him 'Sparrow'. Obviously we couldn't sell him, however, after a while he started to eat and now scoffs the most! He has grown into a very happy, very heavy, healthy chap. Amazingly cute and hugely entertaining, we are stunned that he has grown into such a big muscular boy!
Jack has to be the biggest thief of the gang, (and aptly named after a pirate!) Ragdolls are renowned for running off with the contents of your handbag but Jack will persist until he can steal whatever catches his eye no matter how much you try to distract him!

Jack 2017 Jack 2012