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Kittens in their forever homes

Valkea Ragdolls are based in Liskeard Cornwall - near to the Devon border, however we have sold kittens nationwide.
Here are photos of some of our previous kittens in their forever homes - Thanks to the owners for the pics!

Shakira and Jasmine, muse...or should we say 'mews' of Graham Warwick - Owner & Photographer at Graham Warwick Photography - thank you for the stunning photos!
Shakira 2   Shakira   Jasmine   Jasmine2

Frisky Merlin - State of the art 'Entertainment Centre' of Patrick in Stroud, Merlin certainly keeps his owner busy and amused!Merlin also has a companion in an older cat named Sheba...who doesn't find him quite so amusing!

Bonnie & Clyde, Owned by Kristian & Jamie Forbes. These lovely kitties now live in Paignton and apparently were well named - although have you ever seen two such sweet & innocent looking little kitties?!
Bonnie and Clyde   Bonnie and Clyde2

Bagpuss & Willow, loved & cuddled by Sarah, Scott & Kensa. Live in the beautiful region of Falmouth.
Bagpuss   Willow

Bob who is from one of Kita's litters, now resides in Devon with Jackie & Don Holmes & family, including Archie - another of our babies from Mouse & Frank.

Hugo is from Tia's last litter. He now lives with my niece and her daughter in Droitwich. He is a very lovable little chap who purrs all the time and will have cuddles from anyone that is willing to spare him the time...Although he does seem very surprised that someone has put a pink jumper on him! A very confident young cat, he is growing to a nice size and is developing beautiful markings. He lives very happily with his best friend - a dog called Tommy!
Hugo in Jumper Hugo

Here are Portia and Merlin, adored by Hilary and as you can tell from the photos, are very happy kitties - these are some of the biggest smiles we have ever seen!
portia and merlin   portia   merlin

 Theodore who now lives with Holly in Cornwall, he is a very pampered kitty and rules the house - even over the dog! He also won't eat alone and insists Holly sits with him every night for dinner! The first picture is a recent one, the second is when he was a baby - what a snuggle puss!

theo  Theo 2

One of Karen's much loved Valkea gang - Lily on her favourite bed. Another of her Valkea cats Angel won Open First and Best of Breed at Paignton Cat Show in 2009 - Well done! 
  tiger lily

Pyatka - Pampered Princess of Oleg and Tanya in London
Obviously being a Princess is tiring work!