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Welcome to Valkea Ragdolls!


We are TBRCC, PRBCC registered Ragdoll Cat breeders, as well as registered members of the GCCF Breeder's Scheme.
We are based in Liskeard, Cornwall - near the Devon border in the South West of England.
All of our cats have tested free of the known HCM and PKD genes. All of our kittens are pedigree registered with the GCCF.
We have six gorgeous breeding queens, and three very handsome stud boys (check the kittens page for our recent litters!) we also have several neuters/retirees! They are all our much loved family pets.
All of our cats and kittens live indoors full time with our family, and our stud boys have spacious accomodation in the form of insulated and lovingly crafted 'chalets' with attached runs!
We pride ourselves on being friendly, approachable breeders, that are there for you throughout the life of your cat.
We are always happy to help with any queries you might have, and enjoy seeing how your kitten develops as he/she grows up. 
We breed these cats for their wonderful temperament and beautiful appearance. Once you've owned a Ragdoll (or should I say been owned by one!) you'll understand just why so many people adore this breed. 
All of our cats and kittens are extremely well socialised and used to children, as we now have our third generation as our kitten helper, in the form of five year old Lara!
Please enjoy looking around our site, and check back for updates on our kittens and cats.
**We want you to choose the very best Ragdoll Kitten to be a part of your family. As Registered Ragdoll Breeders we are part of a network that strive to breed beautiful and healthy kittens. Whether you buy your gorgeous new companion from Valkea, or another breeder, for the benefit of your kitten and yourselves, please always ask for HCM and PKD status of both parents, and check that they are GCCF or TICA recognised**